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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
There was a clause for that, but it was discontinued about a decade ago. I think it was part of dividing up the proceeds of the 1M or 10M digit prime EFF awards.
The Board could always convene to discuss authorizing a special award for the recent fast-verification-without-DC work, either of the immediate or "first prime we discovere following large-scale rollout of the new scheme" variety. I certainly can see the justification for such in the present case.

Oh, while I'm here - Chase account balance (the account alas earns 0 interest - very few good options for interest-bearing 501(c)3 accounts) has been unchanged at $20,622.95 since last November, since we had no special fundraiser this year. George, any significant changes in the paypal balance this year aside from the regular web-hosting expenditures?
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