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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Watching from the outside, I suspect being a moderator is a thankless job. (Do moderators take a vacation from it?) Differences of opinion are inevitable.
Very very occasionally we receive thanks.

AFAICT, being a mod is almost certainly a life sentence. I recall only one ever being relieved of the task, and that was at his explicit request.

Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Something that has concerned me for a while now is that there does not appear to be any recourse for an ordinary user mistreated by one or more moderators, or any visible effective restraint upon the excesses of a moderator.
There is a recourse --- make a private appeal to mods (in plural, note, and a PM can have up tpo 10 recipients) who appear not to be too deeply involved from an emotional viewpoint.

Perhaps it was before you became a subscriber, or perhaps it occurred when you were not paying close enough attention, but I know for a fact that a supermod was given a 1-week ban, and that sentence was visible to all. At a lower level of severity, actions of mods have been criticized in public. I know this for a fact, having been on both sides of such criticism.
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