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Default GIMPS Financial History

For some reason the forum lost this post. Here it is again:

In 2008, GIMPS claimed the $100,000 EFF award for finding the first 10,000,000 digit prime number. This was distributed according to the rules in place prior to the discovery:
  • $50K to UCLA for M#46,
  • $20K for 6 prior discoveries (M#39 - M#44)
  • $5K for GIMPS incorporation and future expenses,
  • $25K was to go to a math charity, which turned out to be GIMPS Inc. to pay for future discovery awards.
At this time ISP costs were $0/month but we needed a new server (~$6000, never purchased). We expected to find about 6 primes (@ $3000 each) before the 100M digit prime.

In 2014 our ISP let us know it could no longer provide free hosting services. We chose Incero as our new ISP which saddled us with a $150/month colocation fee. The good news is that Aaron Blosser obtained a superb (free!) server for us saving GIMPS many thousands of dollars.

Since 2008, six new primes have been found (M#45, M#47 - M#51) triggering $18,000 in discovery awards.

While GIMPS does have a donate button on the web site, we've not made a serious attempt at fundraising.
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