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Default How do I get started?

Can anyone, please in very downworth language, tell me, how to make the factor3_2b work, such as one doesn't have to test a whole range on thousands of numbers by hand, by using the factor3_2 program. So can anyone fast help me and let me know. I have downloadet the following zip file (33280-9), from the 100 million digit prefactoring project and now want's to factor the numbers, since I have written to the given e-mail and reserved the numbers, I just can't seem to understand what to do, because everytime I write in the "factor3_2b" program the following "factor3_2 <worktodo.ini" or "factor3_2 <input.txt", the cmd window just shuts down and nothing further happens, so how do I get to start working on all the exponents in the given worktodo.ini file - such as I don't have to manually type the exponents in and test them - and that by the way is not a problem... to test exponents manually, but my passions is not build up to that. So please help me, and help me fast, so I can get going and work on my exponents and help math science achieve a lot og new knowledge.

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