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I'm a long-time fan of strategy and monster games. Civ from the BOARD game days up to III, including Alpha Centauri (but skipped Test of Time), STARS!, among many others. Can *you* say "SPI's War in Europe"?

Out of ALL of the games of this genre I've played, MOO3 is THE most incredibly annoying. It's the ONLY game I've ever ended up spending more time pissed off at than playing due to the interface.

I suspect that 2 changes would help a LOT

1) Either FIX the bloody save game so that it saves EVERYTHING you've done within a turn reliably, or fix the SitRep so that you can pull it up right after loading a saved game.

2) Longer build que - 3 is WAY too short, and far to easy to build through IN ONE TURN then you get stuck building stuff you don't WANT sometimes.

I also get *VERY* tired of getting stuffed into the Planetary Infrastructure screen instend of the Build screen when I hit the hyperlink in the SitRep on a completed Military build - I normally couldn't care LESS about that Infrastructure screen, I *know* what I want to build next.

Unfortunately, after my exchange of emails with the Infogames and Quicksilver groups, I seriously doubt that they CARE - they gave me the definite impression that there won't be any changes made, as *they* like the game the way it is.

Their loss - they've lost *any* chance of my ever *considering* the purchace of a MOO 4 or later with their attitude.

It's too bad - the game does have some nice stuff and concepts, though I find 250 stars way too small for a "huge" game and the 800x600 max graphics resolution pretty primitive for a current game release.

BTW - 25 hours? Is that all? I've got probably a couple HUNDRED invested - got well past turn 150 in to seperate games before I just got totally annoyed at the game doing the SAME stupid stuff over and over again.
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