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Hello everyone, I'm back from vacation.
Meije is really a marvelous mountain and all the massif of Écrins in general !

Thanks to all for the many works done since two weeks.
I will take into account all your messages.
I will start by updating the page completely, adding all your new initialized sequences, all your reservations and everything else.
It might take me two or three days with the checks given all the new stuff.
Then I'll start analyzing the data.
I don't know how long this will take, as I think the amount of data has increased at least tenfold since last year.
And we'll see if it leads to new and interesting remarks.
I'm going to focus my attention on sequences that end on cycles, hoping that we'll have enough data to try to notice something.
And of course, I'm going to look closely at the prime numbers that end sequences according to the bases and base categories.
I'll also "randomly poke around" in the data to try to see some totally unexpected things.
I'll keep you posted.
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