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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
I don't know the cause, but I submitted the results from a PRP test of M105212323 using mprime 30.6b4. The log does not indicate any errors, but the proof file was never generated.

[Worker #2 Jul 28 01:55] Generating proof for M105212323.  Proof power = 9, Hash length = 64
[Worker #2 Jul 28 02:00] M105212323 is not prime.  RES64: 2C388CF0B9F55BCD. Wh8: 5FC89719,92743653,00000000
[Comm thread Jul 28 02:00] Sending result to server:...
After the result was sent to there's noting more in the logs - no error message. There's nothing left in the working directory.

It could of course be a problem with my computer, but it is not overclocked, has mostly empty PCI slots and has ECC RAM.
When you say "working directory" what do you mean? Are you sure it is absolutely empty? Do you have the correct permissions for the "working directory"? Have you allowed some time to elapse for the upload and the reporting?

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