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It's a guarantee that if you have a cooler that can keep up with the TDP that the processor can perform at least to the baseline (unsure if they even include AVX/2 in this stat). There's a few types of normal boost that I believe are indefinite if conditions allow, and there's also timed boosts.
With the better types of the cooling kits, the CPUs can usually reach the Turbo clock speeds which Prime95 will slow the milliseconds per iteration ratio if the CPU cores exceed the temperature limits.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
The CPU will throttle itself if things get too hot.
I could even smell something when my CPU got to the extreme hot temperature once, but my PC survived, so I guessed it wouldn't be that critical of the issue as long as the condition got resolved quickly. Thus, I dusted the motherboard, the video cards, the PC case fans as well as the memory slots around the CPU area, then everything went okay.

I'm still wondering whether it's a good idea to install more than 1 Radeon RX 6900 XT on the same machine or not because they more get hot rapidly if stay too close with each other.

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