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Question Help: Hardware errors / 1 Gerbicz/double check error

I'm new to prime95 and GIMPS and I've been getting this message with my Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor running Windows 10

Iteration: 8280000 / 108671053 [7.61%], ms/iter: 10.106, ETA: 11d 17:48
Hardware errors have occurred during the test!
1 Gerbicz/double-check error.
Confidence in final result is excellent

I've been getting this same sequence every iteration and I think I got it on my last number as well. I've tried stopping it for a few hours to let it cool but it keeps giving me the error.
CPU temp is 51/52 C and the cores are around 61 C each (from Open Hardware Monitor)
I haven't tried to overclock this at all. I just left it running nonstop for a few days. Have I broken my computer?

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