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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
I have some questions that will help me keep the data accurate:

1. Which k's of the k*10^n-1 form that you have searched to n=140,000?

2. I show that the only k's remaining to find a prime below the lowest Riesel k=10176 are k=4421, 7019, and 8579. Is that correct? (I'm also guessing that those are the k's you've tested to n=140,000.)

3. Do you know of any other Riesel k's base 10 and their covering sets of factors for k>10176?

Also, if you can spare a few mins., would you mind checking my page for a few of the k's that you have searched, their primes and ranges? That would help me greatly. I have included all known info. from several souces on the page (shown at the bottom including you as a contributor) as well as plenty of add'l. info. from ranges that I have searched.
My search has gone to 195,000 with no primes. I am searching all four of the remaining k. BTW, you are missing 7666. As for question #3, no.
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