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Every country in the world needs to impose quarantines, or flat-out refusals, on travelers from the U.S. now. COVID-19 is out of control here and not many seem to care. Now, everybody's fixated on the election in November. Another distraction.

I believe someone above mentioned water. I live by a sizable river and the community water supply comes from there. They put so much chlorine in it now that very few actually drink it. Bottled water flies of store shelves around here. My cat likes the tap water. Perhaps he cannot smell or taste the bleach in it. I do not let him have it now. The amount of dissolved limestone is incredible.

Something, I think about is all the pharmaceuticals in the water. Pain killers, cancer drugs, illegal drugs, and so on. As far as I know, it would take a reverse-osmosis filtration system to catch part or all of it. No many communities can afford such a system. Here, the local utility installed an ultraviolet light device two years ago. That is when the chlorine got really bad.
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