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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
I watched about a minute of it. The speaker is very good, but unless he is an absolute genius, could not have written it. My main problem is that he echoes a lot of main arguments that other anti-homosexuals do. For example, homosexuals are pedophiles, homosexuals are militant, etc.
I used to work for FlyBase circa ten years ago. My Harvard counterpart was a happily married man, not in the least militant, and I'm quite certain that he is not a paedophile. Massachusetts allowed him to marry another man long before it became possible in the UK.

Another gay man lives in our UK home. He pays rent at a level markedly below the market rate because he looks after everything while we are in La Palma, as well as doing all the gardening when we are there. His boyfriend stays almost every weekend though they are not married, or even engaged AFAIK. Neither of them are militant or paedophiles (again AFAIK and I know each of them very well).

(I make no apologies for using the English, as opposed to the American, spelling of the word paedophile )
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