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Default Where did it go?

I do some manual factoring and have a question about how they show up on my individual report.

Back in January, I manually checked out 20 numbers to factor (I ran Mfactor V1.13). When I checked them in, they were cleared off my checkout list and the ones that had a factor were reported on my individual report like this:
22358233 60 F 1017840226614659689 20-Jan-03 00:37
22361111 58 F 268992700698945857 20-Jan-03 00:48
Recently, I manually checkout another batch of 20 numbers to factor (I ran factor e2.8 from ewmayer). Two days ago I manually checked in this batch and as before, these too were cleared off my checkout list. However, unlike the above, those with a factor do not show up on my individual report -- in particular M22238743. :(

It's kind of cool to see my list of factors (that I've found) build up. Anyone know why the new ones aren't showing up anymore?

edit: I checked them in shortly after the server came back up from its recent problem(s).
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