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I remember seeing a TV program - perhaps about people setting records - which had a segment about a man who endured a very high temperature for a number of minutes. He sat in a small room or enclosure which was heated by a large number of incandescent lamps, sweating profusely. He spoke about his experience, saying it had occurred to him that a batch of cookies could have been baking next to him while he was in there. That would indicate he endured a temperature of around 400 F (204 C) for about 10 minutes.

I had previously read that people could endure "enough heat to cook a steak."

I have experienced 100 C or perhaps a bit more for 20 minutes on a number of occasions, in a sauna. It wasn't unpleasant, except for when I was on a bench near the ceiling, and somebody dumped some water in the basin of rocks on top of the stove. That steam was scalding!
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