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Default Exponents of particular forms

This thread is intended as a reference thread for Mersenne exponents of special forms. For discussion, please use the reference discussion thread (Discussion posts added to this thread may be moved or deleted without notice or recourse.)

The various forms or subsets are discussed here as a sort of mathematical amusement.
There is no known basis for believing they have higher chance of revealing a Mersenne prime.
They lie at an intersection of Mersenne primes and recreational mathematics.
They might also be used as an added arbitrary selection method for sampling the natural number line segment for substantial black box QA testing of software algorithms. It's unlikely to be a good selection method compared to pseudorandom and boundary-informed selection methods.

Intro and table of contents (this post)
Mersenne rhymes
Repdigits and near-repdigits
Palindromic numbers as exponents
Prime approximations of round multiples of irrational numbers
Personally significant dates encoded into exponents
Large exponents

Top of reference tree:

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