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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Quoting was sufficient. Over time, patterns emerge. There are some on the forum whose contributions are quite commonly cynical or critical and not so commonly constructive or enlightening. The incidence of that among moderators is dismayingly high. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to not be subjected to that, or threats by some, repeatedly.
And yet, his post was enlightening- he said exactly what he thought the better explanation should be. And you went off about criticizing from the stands etc.

You post in nearly every single thread on this forum, speaking with the tone of an expert even when you don't know what you are talking about. When corrected, you nearly always take it personally, or write an even-longer-than-long-winded post to defend and explain your inaccurate post, and in the end present a know-it-all attitude that's really quite abrasive. Some of the moderators don't like the attitude, and treat you as such.

If your posts were half as long in half as many threads, I don't think you'd run into nearly the cynicism that you perceive- but you can't help yourself, and even when a question has already been answered you post a reply-answer anyway.
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