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Originally Posted by ewmayer
p.s. to JasonP: Speaking of Greek, what's the status of the TT - 1 stage 1 run you started over a year ago, which you said you expected to finish this spring? Irrespective of whether you found a stage 1 factor (I'd be highly surprised and delighted if you did), did you find/develop a suitable in-place GCD routine for numbers this big? If so, did you test it on your stage 1 residue by raising the latter to the single large prime in the TT - 1 decomposition of the known factor and then doing a GCD?
Moving the computations to the opteron sped things up so much that by late July of last year stage 1 finished. I haven't had the time (or frankly the inclination...a GCD that big would be a hideous amount of work given that all the current implementations assume everything fits in RAM with room to spare) to implement the GCD and finish the job. I suppose I could have coded up a Lehmer GCD, but it would probably still be chugging away even now if I tried it.

And so all those savefiles are just still sitting around.

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