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Originally Posted by ewmayer
Rest in pieces, indeed. ;)
Sorry, I have a penchant for bilingual word play. Trilingual if I can manage it, though that is much harder.

Perhaps someone can complete the following I once saw inscribed on the wall of a men's toilet in my Oxford college.

Eeny meeny miny mo
Porcum capo digito

The third line was in Greek, (it rhymed and scanned), and the fourth in Cyrillic. I don't remember the third line. I could reverse engineer the fourth line myself easily enough, it being but a transliteration of the first, but there doesn't seem much point without the third. Although I can produce wordplay in English, French, German and Latin with a bit of effort, my knowledge of Greek is minimal.

You get a better class of graffiti at Oxbridge.

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