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Default Thanks for the memories...

I just finished dismantling my very first Alpha system, a 200Mhz 21064-based pedestal-format server, vintage 1993 - due to filesystem damage it no longer boots, and I really have no use for such a large power-hungry monster anymore. Selling it off for medical experiments, erm, I mean parts, to a reseller who specializes in old Alpha systems. Imagine - truly 64-bit RISC processor and OS - more than a decade later, Microsoft and Intel are still dicking around with 32-bit and CISC-trying-really-hard-to-pretend-it's-a-RISC. Too bad DEC (then Compaq, then HP) did such a terrible, dismal, horrid, godawful job marketing (I use the word *very* loosely) what was an outstanding, cutting-edge technology.

I will of course continue to develop Alpha-architecture-specific portions of my Mlucas code, but as far as actual hardware I own is concerned, from here on it's a nice small laptop PC with a decent compiler/debugger, fast internet connection, and hot-swappable backup hard drive - that takes up a just a wee bit less space, and uses a lot less electricity.
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