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Default Onboard video / dual channel memory

Well if you want 3D games performance forget onboard video chipsets. However my cluster does not need this at all and the power of the cards would be wasted.

You say stick in an agp or cheap pci card into your motherboard and avoid the need to buy a mobo with integrated graphics. Well secondhand, yes they are cheap, but I find the price difference to get a mobo with integrated graphics as opposed to without is very small maybe £5-10 extra.

Well the reason I avoid this is that without a 90 degree riser card, you increase the size of your system components to about 4 inches vertically because the card is at right angles to the mobo.

Also an integrated chipset is likely to use less power than say a pci card which requires additional logic circuitry to interface with the bus etc.

Dual channel will increase prime95 performance, even if not dramatically. However, on different cluster applications, the dual channel might help performance by a greater (or smaller) percentage depending on how much the application uses memory outside the L2 cache. At least worth having the option by getting a board that supports it even if you only run it with one stick of memory in single channel configuration for prime at the moment.
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