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Originally Posted by AlTonno15 View Post
To the experts in here:
How can it be that the CPU fails so hard at some FFT lengths during the Prime95 benchmark? Is there a way to fix this somehow, or should I just trash this thing?
Throttling. (100% sure!)

You can try a temperature monitor for the beginning, like RealTemp from TechPowerUp. You will see that you have jumps in the temperature, and when this reach close to T-junction the CPU stops for few milliseconds, to cool down.

Try clean the dust and put some motor oil (or oil for fine mechanisms, you can buy at every shop) to the fan bearings, or change the fan, and/or eventually open the heatsink and replace the thermal paste (again, you can get a tube with few grams at every computer shop, the DIY is not difficult, you will need less then half gram of paste, see the instructions here).

This will solve your problem, which is typical for old computers, fans wear out and paste dries out, the dust clogs, etc.

And don't trash the box, the E6600 still can do a hell of a job!

[edit, sorry, I see George was faster, but I will let the post, I spent time to write and add the link :P]

[edit 2: that's happening when I jump to reply without reading all the topic, what kracker says may be right too, look for search indexer, antivirus, disk defragmenter, or other application that may take clocks from P95]

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