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As we close in on the 10 million digit number I have been thinkng about the 100 million digit number and was wondering a couple things.
1 - what size fft would be used?
2 - when would prime 95 be able to handle numbers that large?

I would be willing to set aside a duel processor p4 2.8xeon to work on 2 of these numbers. with save files on. at several points i would be willing to move it to faster machines as I upgraded in the future. I think we are getting close to the speed to tackle large numbers. when I first started doing 10 million digit numbers the duel p3-550 took almost 14 months per number. Right now benchmarks figures 10years to finish 2 numbers on my server but I believe that number can be cut in 3 as faster processors can be swapped. if nothing else we can factor a few dozen a get some candidates.
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