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Now that there is just one squence left in the sieve, it seems that sr2sieve is once again not selecting the best parameters automatically, so please try adding "-Q 720" to the command line to see if it is faster. e.g. to sieve the range 500T-501T:

sr2sieve -zz -i dual_s.abcd -p 500e12 -P 501e12 -Q 720

I have only tried it on a 32-bit machine so far, but it looks like sr2sieve version 1.8.11 with the "-Q 720" option is about 95% as fast as sr1sieve would be. (I tested sr1sieve on the sequence 40291*2^n+1 to compare with sr2sieve on the sequence 2^n+40291).

It also looks like the sieving speed has almost doubled compared to sieving two sequences. I will do some more careful timings later.
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