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I think you've opened up a can of worms by starting this thread!

Originally Posted by jasong
What you don't understand, is that Christianity is meant to make the overall lives of people in general better
I don't think you'll find much disagreement on this point.

If someone claims to be a Christian and has, for instance, a stress-induced heart attack, something about their lifestyle is screwed, ... a properly grounded Christian should have the goal of creating as little tension as possible in their politics.
I'm not sure where you're going with this argument. If you are saying you should support political policies in keeping with your Christian values then I agree. If you're saying the government should force a variety of Christian values on its citizens - for their own good - then I must disagree.

Mercy is a very Christian concept
Christianity does not have a monopoly on mercy. Putting down other religions will not advance your cause nor is it particularly good form.

I believe, in a country where tons of people claim to be Christian, for this very reason, laws should at least acknowledge in some way, our Christian heritage.
Again I do not know what you are advocating here. Laws can and will reflect the country's heritage and values.

People should not have to give money to something that they don't feel they will ever need themselves.
Dang - all those years I wasted making contributions to the Social Security system!


Perhaps you can elaborate for us where you stand on the "Christian right-wing nut-job meter". Ok, that was mean. I actually agree with the majority of Christian values, but will in no way endorse using the government's power to impose them.

Should recreational drug use be illegal?

Should alchohol be banned?

Should gambling be outlawed?

Should gays unions be banned? Should gay adoptions be outlawed?

Should abortions be banned?

Should physician-assisted suicide be outlawed?

In short, where do individual rights end and the government's powers begin? I think this is why the Christian right is so loathed and feared. It is their political goal to take away several freedoms citizens currently enjoy.
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