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I know a lot of people on this board aren't Christians, and some don't believe in God, or at least don't believe in Jesus Christ. Since you're on the outside looking in, in terms of Christians collective goals, I can understand the resistence to the church. What you don't understand, and you might disagree with my opinion, is that Christianity is meant to make the overall lives of people in general better, and less stressful. If someone claims to be a Christian and has, for instance, a stress-induced heart attack, something about their lifestyle is screwed, whether it be their acceptance of the existence of God or the way they serve him. Similar to Al Gore using technology to solve envirornmental problems, a properly grounded Christian should have the goal of creating as little tension as possible in their politics. Christians don't kill abortion doctors, idiots kill abortion doctors.

On another note, there are plenty of ways that Christianity has influenced Americans and their politics. Americans ideas of human kindness are very much influenced by Christian idealism. Even if you go to another country, I doubt you'll find a whole heck of a lot of free clinics based on Buddhism or Islam. Mercy is a very Christian concept, one could say that Christianity is grounded in mercy.

While I understand that there are plenty of people that are non-Christians, I believe, in a country where tons of people claim to be Christian, for this very reason, laws should at least acknowledge in some way, our Christian heritage.

Despite that, I can totally understand judges rulings that prevent Christian outreach because it's on the government's dime. People should not have to give money to something that they don't feel they will ever need themselves. Christians are called on to be responsible for their own programs. This is a Bible-given perogative that shouldn't be ignored.
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