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Originally Posted by JCoveiro View Post

Can someone help me?
I've a Nvidia GTX1660 running gpuowl at around 8250 us/it (FFT 5632K).
With some overclock I can get less then 8000 us/it, but I'm not sure how to test gpus better for errors or tuning it with -use options. Can someone help me out?

More questions:
1. I'm considering to buy 2x Radeon VII or should I wait for Big Navi?
2. Anyone with AMD 5700 XT benchmarks to compare with Radeon VII?
3. CudaLUCAS seems to run slower then gpuowl. Are there any other options?

A GTX1660 is so much better at TF, relatively speaking, that it's probably a waste to run it on gpuowl instead, even though gpuowl is excellent. But your kit your choice. CUDALucas has not had any significant development in years, so naturally has fallen behind. Preda, Prime95, and others have done a great job on gpuowl speed and other improvements.
"More questions" has been covered pretty well already by others.

For gpuowl -use option timing and tuning, I use the Windows batch file attached.
Pass zero and one run together; other passes individually. Edit the gotos and sets from one pass to the next, to change the control flow and -use options in effect, respectively.
That is what I did to produce my previous posts of tuning results. See the comments at both ends of the file, for more info. (Had to zip it, the forum won't accept a .bat file.)

Please post your tuning results.
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