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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
Only just noticed that all the 4,6 solutions at the end are wrong. 1899+1899 is not square.
They're just written in a different format. The linked-to page has an explanation.

A=[2988, 5052, 12108, 34812]; B=[2988, 4356, 5787, 11164, 17046, 23948]
That's the same solution as what's written earlier as
A=[0, 16594560, 137675520, 1202947200]; B=[8928144, 18974736, 33489369, 124634896, 290566116, 573506704]

@uau What were your search limits for this puzzle? Did you search for 5,5 solutions?
I checked everything with a difference of squares below 4e9, and a somewhat pruned subset for differences below 8e9. Those had no solutions larger than 4+6.
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