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Originally Posted by RichD View Post
Again FWIW, on the Perl side, all I need is the .poly file to get it started.
perl ./ comp94.poly
You bring up a very good point, but the reason I'm trying to use the python script is because it already takes care of dividing the sieving ranges up for all my subsequent machines. I haven't looked at the perl script in a number of years, but I guess I should.

I have discovered that part of the reason it is failing appears to be that I need more info in the .fb file to calculate the sieving parameters. Until I can incorporate the extra machines into the poly selection, I have created a work-around by suppressing the abort code when I start with client info. I then need to wait until the primary machine (client 1) generates the poly, to start subsequent machines. Not ideal, but quite workable for now (other than the lost poly time from the other machines).

Thanks for all the help.
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