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Originally Posted by Dubslow View Post
Having read but not truly understood your particulars, lets at least examine that output:

loadFB(): Could not open comp94.fb for read!
That looks like an OS/FS problem more than an NFS/msieve problem (though I could certainly be wrong, never having used the script). Are you sure the file exists with the right name?
The .fb file does not exist, on purpose. the .fb file is created by each unique machine. Each of those files contains no score reference, so there is no way to determine which is better. will create a poly file from the named .fb file, but I am trying to skip the .fb file by providing a .poly file. Perhaps I am misreading the following snippet, or more probably not following its relation to other code:
# Is there a poly file already, or do we need to create one?
if not os.path.exists(NAME + '.poly'):
  if os.path.exists(NAME + '.fb'):
    output('-> Converting msieve polynomial (*.fb) to ggnfs (*.poly) format.')
I am pursuing something else more convoluted and I could always go back to my own sieving work distribution scripts, but this has already been done and I've already had success with I just don't think now that I was using the correct poly in my previous runs. I think one of the .fb files was somehow dragged into the mix rather than the optimum poly.

Thanks for your reply.
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