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Default Why can't I start with a poly file, but no factor base?

OK, I thought this worked, but it won't work again.

The code looks like it should run, but it tries to create a factor base file and crashes.

--factmsieve won't run poly select on clients.
--msieve won't run the full poly select across more than one machine. If I use more than one machine, each makes its own factor base (.fb), even if I combine all the *.p files.
--if I separate the poly steps, msieve goes off for ages to do the final root phase.
--I can use a separate poly select routine that makes a final poly for the gnfs sievers, but won't run from there without a fuss.
--If I build a factor base file from the poly, scolds me.
$ python ../ comp94.n 1 3
-> Running Python 2.7
-> This is client 1 of 3
-> Running on 4 Cores with 2 hyper-threads per Core
-> Working with NAME = comp94
-> Selected default factorization parameters for 95 digit level.
-> Selected lattice siever: gnfs-lasieve4I11e
-> Parameter change detected, dumping relations... 
-> procrels -fb comp94.fb -prel rels.bin -dump

|        This is the procrels program for GGNFS.           |
| Version: 0.77.1-20060722-nocona                          |
| This program is copyright 2004, Chris Monico, and subject|
| to the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.|
loadFB(): Could not open comp94.fb for read!
Could not load FB from comp94.fb!
Return value 255. Terminating...
frustration mounts...
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