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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
No, I'm not using (or similar), or Aliqueit to perform my work.

I was factoring an integer of 133 digits when this happened.
This integer was :
2460496462827132396002711595082385227859817318068126886419478593 * 2129899422618561397392146213027957778616507349542713868684671627764197
Iteration 1913 here.

According to your explanations, it would seem rather that someone else also calculates the same sequence.

Thank you for your help.
You're certainly welcome. I hope I am helpful. The 133 digit composite should have been a secure block against db work, but I would probably let the 125 digit composite sit a little while and see if it is factored as well. If not, perhaps you have pointed out your reservation to someone who had missed it, or it was a random work from somewhere. If it does become factored soon, and a c125 shouldn't take long these days, this would certainly point to deliberate work.
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