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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
Please, I have a problem with sequence 952320 .
I reserved it (here) but somebody (or yafu ?) is calculating the same sequence !
Edit: After taking a closer look at your sequence and the sizes of any recent composites, I think my below descriptions are probably not valid for this instance, but I've left them in case there is any helpful info.

Are you using (or similar), or Aliqueit to perform your work?

If you are using or a similar script that interfaces with the db for every assignment, then any factors that you upload will create composites that become available to workers. For example, I currently have machines working on composites in the db that are from 76 to 94 digits in size. They will eventually include 96 and so on. Anything within that region could be worked by my machines. Others are working similarly. Unfortunately, if you upload a factor and receive back a composite that is also available to others, it might be factored ahead of you.

If you are using Aliqueit, you can hold back a sequence upload until your current work line includes a large composite. That should be somewhat of a block to db workers, although there is always a random worker chance for a hit.

Of course, any time a larger composite from a sequence is factored, the db advances the sequence as far as it can, handling any small (<70d) composites by itself.

My descriptions above don't preclude the possibility of someone else actively working your sequence, but they might offer a possible explanation for what might be happening.

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