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... assuming a non-biased digit selection process. In any physical device used to select the digits there will always be some bias. As to whether that bias is large enough to detect, or exploit, would need to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For most of these public lottery things the bias is probably very very small, and might be impossible to determine in any confident way. So I'd guess it is not an issue in this case.

But if the number selection process is secret and hidden, or pre-recorded, then all bets are off. Any number of shenanigans could be happening.
According to their procedures page, all California draws are conducted in the presence of a representative from an independent CPA firm, presumably contracted, so take that for what it's worth.

The only game drawn mechanically right now is SuperLotto (5/47 + 1/27); everything else is done with computers. Therer are two onsite machines and an offsite backup. , For each draw one machine and one of two methods to generate the numbers is chosen.

I would imagine that if some bias could be found, that would be the scoop of the decade (or some kind of pattern could be glaned from the cashing patterns.)
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