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Default 3.5% increase in registered CPUs *this past week*

We have added just over 50,000 (yes, that is 5x104!) new CPUs to GIMPS in the past seven days, representing a 3.5% increase in the number of registered CPUs in *just one week*. Over 20,000 of them were added on Monday alone. The number of new users, however, in that same time period has remained relatively constant.

Is this a single new user with massive compute at their disposal, or did PrimeNet glitch and see a bunch of existing CPUs as new to the project...or did President Trump shut down NSA and direct all of their compute power to GIMPS? Wait, I's Russia. It makes sense that Putin should like to know M50 before the Western imperialists get their hands on it.

One interesting effect of all of this concentrated new power is that the GIMPS maximum theoretical 30-day throughput has reached an all-time high of 1,437+ TFLOP/s, blowing away the previous record of 1,201+ TFLOP/s set in the wake of the discovery of M49 in early 2016. Actual 30-day throughput is at 334+ TFLOP/s, representing a meager 23% - as opposed to the normal 35-40% - efficiency value. If (when?) all of these new CPUs begin returning results, it should be easy to achieve 30-day sustained throughput levels of 500-550 TFLOP/s based on past efficiency values.
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