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GIMPS has set yet another new record for 30-day sustained computing throughput: 405+ TFLOP/s, beating the old record of 400+ TFLOP/s set on 2016-02-19 in the wake of the discovery of the 49th Mersenne prime and the associated influx of new users and computing power.

The maximum theoretical 30-day sustained throughput record remains 1,201+ TFLOP/s, also set on 2016-02-19. The present value of this metric is 1,037+ TFLOP/s, which still places GIMPS in the impressive realm of petaflop-level computing power, while showing a 17.4% increase in computing efficiency from 33.3% to 39.1% overall, in just shy of one year.
New record: 421.679 TFLOP/s. Efficiency is now at 40% (1054.193 TFLOP/s maximum).
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