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So it looks as though the new prime has brought in a considerable amount of new computing power (thanks and welcome to the new users!). The 30-day sustained GIMPS throughput has swollen to a record 380 TFLOP/s, with the theoretical 30-day maximum throughput exploding to 1.25 PFLOP/s. This is the first time that the GIMPS distributed supercomputer has (theoretically) breached the petaflop barrier.

For historical perspective, in November 2005, GIMPS was knocking on the door of 20 TFLOP/s. We now produce nineteen times that: what constituted GIMPS' typical 24-hour throughput a decade ago, is now completed every 76 minutes.

It is worth noting that the actual 30-day throughput has been typically 35-40% of the theoretical maximum. Therefore, as the new users continue to complete assignments, I expect that we should sustain 450-500+ TFLOP/s in the next few weeks.
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