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Originally Posted by AES View Post
Please keep in mind that this is a Windows server and if a proxy is used (proxyMasterAddress), it will eventually stop releasing sockets and seize up.

Also, if you would like an email notification of new primes found, please send the email address and user name to Anon or AES.
So you're saying that personal proxies bog down the Windows servers? In that case, should users try to avoid using personal proxies on your server? It would mean more load on your network, but that's better than having the server lock up.

What you might want to consider is to install Virtual PC, VMware Player or some other free virtualization software on your Windows server machine, run a Linux/Unix variant in a VM, and run the LLRnet server from there. IronBits has reported that the Linux server is without a lot of the Windows server's idiosyncracies, so it might be quite beneficial to run it instead.

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