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Default YA aliquot-sequence-chasing script

Here's the python script I've been using to chase aliquot sequences.

The input file is

<number> <index in sequence>

then a long list of primes that turned out to be useful (order doesn't matter); just run python <input filename>, and it will add new useful primes to the bottom.

Features: incremental ECM, self-timing GNFS with recovery from not having enough relations, reasonably optimised crossover GNFS/MPQS and between different GNFS sizes, nice and small and written in fairly clear Python. Can be stopped at any point in ECM or GNFS and will restart at the same place; I haven't bothered tracking where the temporary directory for msieve is so it doesn't restart msieve MPQS jobs, but it should never run one of those for more than about half an hour.

Set the PROG_ variables at the top to something appropriate; you need ecm, msieve and a directory with gnfs-lasieve4I11e through gnfs-lasieve4I13e in it.
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