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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
My Longan Nano arrived today. Now I can start debugging my arbitrary arithmetic code. I have a RISC-V book on order -- the one with a picture of Mona Lisa on the front.

Edit: I now need a usb-c cable. Also for another £3 I could have got a LCD display and a case
Ha! That board is just a $3-$4 "-ino" board, many vendors have. We use similar toys from STM in our daily job. You can PM us your address and we can send you few. Don't expect a lot of performance, haha, I mean I know that Risc-V is about 10% to 15% "innate" faster than Cortex-M (i.e. clock per clock), and that the core consumption in run mode could be about a half, to a third, of a Cortex-M core, depending on what you do with it, but the peripherals (timers, etc) inside are the same, and at the end, this is just a board running at 48MHz or so, so you can't do much with it. Next step would be to put together 960 of them and give them TF work (in such a way, for a given p and bitlevel, each will work a single class of k's from the 960 classes). They will consume about 30 mW per chip, which is about 28 Watt, and if you make 10 such contraptions, you will get the performance of an average-to-high-end GPU, for the same power consumption. Except, this will cost you to build (at ~$0.6 per chip if you buy large qty) about $6000.

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