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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
That would reduce the number of page requests per hour, but increase the risk of a collision. I'd only recommend it working well below 70 digits, in a range no one else is working on. And keep the number requested fairly small, no more that 10.

But several Colab sessions working at once sounds very nice. Thank you.

Yeah, I've been shying away from the bulk runs for the reason you gave.

But, I have added a Colab PARI/GP thread, based on the earlier posted script* to the forum at:

How I Create a Colab Session That Factors factordb Small Composites with PARI/GP

I have some of these running with larger "totalrun" values. Being single-threaded, they don't seem to be bumping the limits. But, I added number checking to (hopefully) alleviate any such overruns.

*If anyone is running the earlier posted (in this thread) script, they should copy it again. I found and fixed a bug in the original script and edited it in the original post.
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