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Welcome to the forum.

What type of machine are you running this on?
Any recent changes to it?

It looks like you are trying to use too much memory. Try the following:
Stop and exit Prime95. Copy worktodo file to a new file. Restart Prime95, set it to not use Primenet, and change it to 2 workers with 1/2 of the number of CPU cores for each worker. Stop and exit Prime95. Rearrange the assignments from your copy of the worktodo into the actual worktodo file. Save it. Restart Prime95 and set it to use Primenet.

You should upgrade your Prime95 to version 30. It is a major upgrade that will help the project.

I removed your files that revealed the AID's for your assignments. Don't post the Assignment ID's because someone could do unkind things by using your AID's.
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