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Now, what happened? I thought everything below 70 digits was gone, but now 75k have shown back up while I was locked out. I'm not egotistical enough to think they appeared because I wasn't running my machines. . .
This is what I guess was happened.
On 15th November, someone enter a number of form bn with b<20000 and n<1000 or somewhere around that ballpark. Since then DB slowly determined whether each number is prime, and while doing so produced a factor which is product of small prime. When that factor is more than 19 digit it won't get factor more. (I think the DB automatically does this for all unknown number less than 20,000 digits). This is where those small composite came from.

The problem is there might be up to 10^7 unknown number waiting in queue, according to Distribution of numbers by digits. Those will continue to produce small composite for quite a while.
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