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Well, Bummer! I ran into the "maximum of 4 parallel processing requests" mentioned before, in a too big way. Because of my scripts running factoring continuously, once this occurred, the machines kept trying until all my machines got involved whenever each one completed its current factorization. This quickly overran the "Page requests" limit and effectively knocked my whole "farm" out, until I told them all to stop. I'm implementing some code to (hopefully) keep this from happening again (or, at least often).

The above trouble shouldn't affect the script I posted earlier, since I expect no one to run it on more than a few threads, but let me know if I should edit it as well.

Now, what happened? I thought everything below 70 digits was gone, but now 75k have shown back up while I was locked out. I'm not egotistical enough to think they appeared because I wasn't running my machines. . .
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