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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I am now an elf! Your script prompted me to install pari-gp, and I'm running it on 27-digit composites. Not sure how long I'll leave it going, but at 26 and 27 digits most of the numbers split into 3 9-digit factors; so I changed the factor bound to 10^9.

Maybe I'll try the python script tomorrow, so I can do "real" elf work.
I'm happy to be inspirational. I have a script now that invokes YAFU after it runs the gp part as a test for smaller primes. I have it running on several machines right now for testing at 70 dd + 10. I intend to provide it as a, "How I. . ." thread once I polish it a bit. I think I'll make it a Colab session first and then consider a desktop version.
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