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Actually, I wasn't anywhere near the hourly limits, but I think what I hit was, "You have reached the maximum of 4 parallel processing requests (?). Please wait a few seconds and try again." I had so many machines that were all factoring so fast, they hit the limit of 4 requests at once. And, other machines kept accessing fine, but the affected ones wouldn't correct themselves once they started failing.

I'm working on a bash script, based on the one posted, that runs the gp function first, and then runs YAFU, if factors are not found. YAFU doesn't seem to be giving me the really small factors (in factor.log) for all these multiple prime composites.

I'm hoping to build in checking for a composite, because the Python script I was using couldn't seem to fix itself. For my own use, I also have a machine that tracks composites that have been started so they "shouldn't" be started by another machine before being finished by the first. That's where the "already factored" comes from. In this case it was actually referring to the HTML messages as triggering that one.

Edit: P.S. Thanks again for the gp code.

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