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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Not obviously a bad idea.

Are there enough moderators willing to put in the effort?

I'd help out and Bob certainly should! He's often shown himself willing to help the intelligent but uneducated. If he doesn't flame anything in the MMT and moves out of there anything he considers worthwhile, that sounds like a valuable service to me.

On the other hand, flame wars do provide entertainment for by-standers who are mature enough not to be fazed by them and trolling is a well-established pass-time, one in which I indulge myself every now and again including here.

I don't do much moderating in Misc. Math (I haven't seen things get out of hand, and threads that I think should get moved out usually get snapped up by another mod before I get to them) and I'd be willing to filter through messages and kick them over here if they seem worthy
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