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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
It is fair for competent people to ask that such a forum be labelled as such so that we don't waste our time.
You have had years in which to learn that this forum has postings by those you deem incompetent and ignorant, yet you still lack the self-control to avoid wasting your time by responding to questions by those you deem incompetent.

If you were in full control of yourself, you could refrain from responding to questions you deem inadequate to meet the standards you espouse. I've pointed out to you that there are other participants who are willing to take the time and effort to respond to those questions in a different manner, so you need not fear that anyone's questions will go unanswered. That you continue to pester folks here in the way you do is a sign that you either have an uncontrolled emotional compulsion to respond, and/or that you use this forum to express anger that would otherwise leak out in other areas of your life.

There is no way to know, a priori, whether a post contains meaningful content until after one has read it and digested its intent. By then, of course, one has already wasted the effort.....
But at that time you could still choose not to waste further time and effort, by the simple choice of not composing and posting a response. You're certainly capable of figuring this out, yet you continue to waste that further time and effort by posting your responses to those. Clearly, then, you are not making a rational decision, but are driven by irrational forces beyond your conscious control.

If you want the math sub-forum to remain 'one size fits all', then you can continue to expect flames.
... from people who cannot control themselves according to their own publicly-expressed criteria!

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