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Originally Posted by Visu View Post
I did not question your lack of definitions. I questioned your use of "most" and "virtually certain" as qualifiers. Why didn't you say "all" instead of "most" and "certainly" instead of "virtually certain"?

The OPs original query may have been poorly phrased but it does have its merits. For example while there are only 3 known Wilson Primes it has been conjectured that infinitely many exist. He only seemed to be asking if he has missed any from his list.

A finite set HAS to have an asymptotic density 0, but having an asymptotic density 0 does not mean that the set is finite.

I am not certain where the 'occurs with probability 1' comes in.
Sigh. You need to read my signature. It pertains to you. I did not say "all", because it would be incorrect. A subset (of an infinite set) with density 1
need not contain ALL elements. I did not say "certain" because it too would be incorrect. A probability sub-space can have measure 1, yet not
contain ALL elements of its parent.

And where in hell did I ever say that a set has to be finite to have density 0???

And your ignorance clearly shows in your lack of understanding of the
relevance of "probability 1".

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