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Originally Posted by diep View Post
Note sure how far PG has sieved there. You care about this?

Myself i had reserved here k=32767

Will find a few more at later time. Much larger than this. Hopefully not too much time from now.

Yes i want search a couple of low weights at same time there, because for my gpgpu proggie i wrote half a dozen of them can be sieved at same time on the gpu. The small primes p smaller than 64 bits (63 bits in length and shorter - though for 64 bits i intend make a special kernel) get generated then fed to gpu where i wrote some code to sieve for Nvidia GPU's.

The slowest thing is the thing i didn't write - generating the small primes on the CPU. Though i did write a siever for cpu it's not ready production usage and it's single core and not using SSE2 (let alone AVX) versus what's there on the net is with SSE2 (SSSE on my oldie Xeons) and such great optimizations.

After that LLR.

Maybe i should revive my siever for cpu there and optimize it to feed faster small primes than a perfect siever there.
PG is PrimeGrid, I take it?

My Nash tables exclude any Nash value < 1,000. The tables currently go up to k = 924,000. They are divided into blocks averaging 65K bytes per file. If there is anything you would like to have, I can send it along.

I have a GTX 1080 in my i7 system which has not been used for anything in months. It would be nice to apply it to this project area. No GPU application program exists yet that I am aware of. Something similar to LLR would be nice.
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