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Originally Posted by diep View Post
I tried search exponent=733 some years ago until 4M.

If you interested you can reserve that one and continue there. If you so lucky you'll have a prime very quickly.

edit: did not finish search till 4M entirely.
I think it may simply be better to stay away from anything < 10,000.

It took me about ten minutes to write a short program to split sieves into work files of equal sizes for each machine. I was careful to make sure it did not skip anything in the source. It begins reading from the top and alternates writing each entry to one of two output files. The top line from the input is written first to both outputs since it contains needed information for LLR. The work load is very balanced as they both finish running LLR within a short period of time.

Nash tables: Using a looping batch process, I have generated a series of tables. It took some doing to get rid of all the extra spaces in each line. They are CSV format which can be imported into a spreadsheet to be sorted.
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